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Nano-Link Educator Workshop

Nano-Link: Center for Nanotechnology Education provides educators like you with nanoscience content that can be easily integrated into traditional classes. Nano-Link believes that educators, armed with fun activities and good background knowledge can ignite interest and excitement in students—not only for nanoscience but for STEM and science careers as well.

We offer 6-8 hour educator workshops that will teach you about nanotechnology, its fundamental concepts AND 6 to 8 of our topic specific activities. You will leave the workshop with new knowledge, ideas, and the confidence to bring this emerging technology content to your students.

Class Date

Class Date

Wednesday, June 26

8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Meet your Instructors

Hans Mikelson, Chippewa Valley Technical College, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Kurt Carlson, Chippewa Valley Technical College, Eau Claire, Wisconsin