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Introduction to 3D Printing

Target Audience: 6th-12th Grade Teachers

This professional development course for educators will be an interactive event that will answer several questions. What is 3D design and printing? Why would it benefit my STEM program? How do I actually build and print designs? and Where can I get an affordable 3D Printer for my program? We will use FREE software to design models as well as walk through how to upload a design and print it. This professional development is designed for teachers with NO background in 3D printing or design.

Watch the summer 2021 3D printing class!

Meet your Instructor

Meet your Instructor

Vincent Jodoin

My name is Vinny Jodoin and I am an educator in Nebraska. I recently moved here after living in Tennessee for a majority of my life. I did my student teaching in Knox County, Tennessee as COVID-19 first hit. This made my first year teaching very eventful as we all had to adjust teaching in the classroom. A passion of mine is community engagement, which is usually through STEM outreach. When I am not in the classroom or doing outreach, my wife and I enjoy doing crosswords together or working on our Master's programs.