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K-12 Educator Programs

Promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics education among K-12 students is vital to meeting the nation’s needs for workers in the STEM fields. The need for students to be inspired to pursue careers in the STEM fields continues to grow, and ORAU is committed to providing the support necessary to improve education, research and innovation.

2020 Workshops and professional development sessions will be posted Spring 2020. Please check back for more information.

STEM teachers from Kindergarten through high school, and others interested in the STEM fields, can choose from a number of professional development opportunities provided by ORAU.

Workshops and professional development sessions are free to attend. Sessions will take place at ORAU, 100 ORAU Way, Oak Ridge, TN unless otherwise noted.

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Project-Based Learning with 3-D Printers

Implementing the use of 3D printers will allow student a wonderful experience, when searching for careers in manufacturing and design. Learn how to incorporate Project-based Learning and the use of 3D printers in the Elementary Grades. 

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Aerospace ED/STEM Workshop

You can teach ordinary subjects in extraordinary ways with help from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP)! This week-long PD workshop is designed for educators interested in teaching about aerospace and earth science.

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ARC/ORNL High School Summer Math-Science-Technology Institute

ARC/ORNL High School Summer Math-Science-Technology Institute is a two-week, residential, hands-on institute sponsored by ARC and ORNL. Teachers participate in research projects with and under the supervision of ORNL scientists.
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Introduction to ArcGIS Online

Participants will receive an introduction to the Esri ArcGIS Online software, use basic skills, and learn to build a Story Map. A GIS professional will come speak with the participants and give a presentation on how they use GIS to solve real-world problems.

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Coding for Educators

Learn about FREE resources to teach your students to code! Online resources as well as free STEM kits from the Civil Air Patrol will be explored.

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Colorful and Sweet Chemistry

Color is used all the time and in many ways in chemistry.  You will use color to figure out what a substance is, to tell when it has changed, and to determine its strength.  In addition, you will learn about chemistry’s sweet side as you investigate certain properties of candy.
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Cover Science in Your Daily Schedule

Finding time to cover science in your daily schedule just got easier – Learn how to begin with a picture book to teach science with STEAM activity centers that will cover standards and engage students.

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Design Thinking Workshop

This workshop is designed for teachers in grades 2-12 to be introduced to the process of design thinking in the K-12 education setting.

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Junior Crime Busters

Junior detectives, HELP! A crime has been committed and we need YOU! In this workshop, we are going to do some of the same techniques that are used by crime labs to analyze the physical evidence collected at crime scenes and taken from suspects. Do you have what it takes to be a (junior) crime buster?

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Learning Blade for STEM - A free program provided to TN schools by the TSIN

In this workshop, we will cover all the different tools in Learning Blade and make sure the educator is ready and equipped to use the program at the start of their school year.

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Math, Movement, and the Common Core

Using simple techniques and fun exercises, the fundamentals of arithmetic and early algebra concepts can be introduced to children of all ages. The techniques have been used successfully with children as young as pre-school and as old as the high school years.

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Nano-Link Educator Workshop

Nano-Link believes that educators, armed with fun activities and good background knowledge can ignite interest and excitement in students—not only for nanoscience but for STEM and science careers as well.
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Polymers All Around Us

Polymers are chemicals found almost everywhere in nature.  Some are even made in factories! In this exciting hands-on workshop, you will explore the types and the physical and chemical properties of several everyday polymers. Be prepared for some surprises!
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The Rising Popularity of Competitive Robotics

This session will provide an overview of the rising popularity of robotics in Tennessee and provide information regarding curriculum resources, upcoming teacher training opportunities, and equipment grants to help you to start a successful program. 
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Project Wet

Our Earth’s finite but renewable water resources affect the health and well-being of every person on the planet. That means we must protect, conserve and manage the water we have. This is a K-12 program with many excellent middle school and high school activities.  Upon completion of a 6-hour course you will receive a free copy of the Project Wet Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 ($39 value).
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Super Science Connections

This workshop integrates children’s literature, writing, mathematics, art, social studies, and health instructions with hands-on science—observing, devising experiments, hypothesizing, and drawing conclusions.
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Understanding How Living Soil Can Help Plants to Grow

In the Understanding How Living Soil Can Help Plants to Grow workshop, teachers will learn about the importance of plant microbiome research and how it is being used to improve crop productivity. They will be given the resources for their students to conduct experiments on their local soils, demonstrating that soil contains living microorganisms that can help plants to grow.

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Using Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Want to explore virtual reality as it applies to a science classroom? In addition to training on ClassVR headsets and online platform, attendees will have an opportunity to check-out our VR headsets for their science classroom use next year. Be the first in your school to excite and educate your students with new pedagogy.

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Vectors: Concepts and technologies to improve comprehension by appealing to vectors’ geometrical nature

This workshop proposes a novel and unified teaching approach by relating a vector’s abstract nature of magnitude and direction to its geometric nature as length and unit vector.
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