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Leading the Scene to Keep Memphis Clean! A Guided Tour with Ozobots

Target Audience: Middle and High School Teachers

Do you want to teach computer science strategies but you have no idea where to begin? In this session, you will learn how to use cross-curricular strategies to combine Project-Based Learning, simple computer coding, and the Engineering Design Process for students to investigate environmental problems by creating a model of their city. Participants are guided through the process by designing a solution with renewable energy and sustainable management, creating a prototype of your city using solar panels, wind turbines, circuitry, using repurposed and recycled material, and then take visitors on a guided tour with an Ozobot through the new improved eco-friendly town. Learn how to connect multiple content areas and standards across the curriculum.


In-person Session

June 29, 2022

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. EDT

Meet your Instructor

Jerry Lynn Recker
Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering