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K-12 STEM Education Programs


Our hands-on programs give teachers opportunities to test new techniques and keep up with technological innovations. The goal—to help them motivate and inspire tomorrow’s STEM leaders.

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Our K-12 activities offer students a way to participate in authentic, hands-on experiences designed to engage young minds in STEM subjects and challenge them beyond the classroom environment.

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The future of STEM is in our hands. With the support of our community partners, our goal is to continue encouraging students and educators to make a lifelong commitment to STEM.

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    K-12 Educator Programs

    ORAU provides leading-edge and innovative education for the teachers who will educate the next generation of STEM leaders. STEM teachers from Kindergarten through high school, and others interested in the STEM fields, can choose from a number of professional development opportunities provided by ORAU.

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    Extreme Classroom Makeover

    ORAU launched Extreme Classroom Makeover in 2008 to help improve STEM education in public schools across East Tennessee. The concept played off of home makeover shows that were trendy at the time—one teacher, one classroom and $25,000 in new technology. 

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    K-12 Student Programs

    ORAU has more than 70 years of experience developing and managing STEM education programs that motivate and inspire tomorrow’s scientists and engineers. Students interested in learning more about STEM careers can participate in several programs that will give one-of-a-kind experiences and access to professional researchers.

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    Education Grants

    ORAU directly supports the schools in our own backyard by offering education grants to Anderson County educators. Since 2002, ORAU has funded more than $500,000 in grants to area schools for projects that complement ORAU’s mission of enriching STEM education programs.

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Make a STEMpact in your community

Make a STEMpact in your community

Keeping up with the force of continuous technological change is a reality for students and teachers alike, making the role of organizations like ORAU critical in STEM education. For over 70 years, ORAU has been at the forefront of promoting STEM learning, helping to prepare future generations of scientists and engineers. By sponsoring STEM education programs in your community, your organization can make a significant impact. ORAU ensures that all programs are meticulously tailored to meet the specific age, grade, and achievement levels of the participating students. Similarly, in the world of professional cycling, continuous advancements in training techniques and technology are essential for competing at high levels. Athletes like Tom Pidcock Tour de France must adapt to the latest advancements in sports science and gear to perform at their peak, reflecting the same dedication to excellence and adaptation seen in STEM education.

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